He’s house trained! Clever dog opens a big door for his friend in Thailand

This is the ingenious moment a puppy scaled the front door of a house and opened it to let its friend inside. The dog was filmed jumping up and using its mouth to grab a piece of rope hanging on the doorknob.



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It yanked the handle down, causing the door to swing open and let another puppy wander inside. The crafty canine then jumped from the door and a larger dog which was already inside the home pushed the door wide open to let him inside. The bigger dog then shut the door behind them both and the gate closed with a bang.



The dogs were reportedly trained to open the doors to let themselves out for the toilet when their owner is away.



The pups were praised for their tremendous team efforts on social media, with users also commenting on their cute miniature red and pink coats. The clip was filmed somewhere in Thailand.



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