Cyclist Is Swept to His Death by Flash Flood After Refusing to Let Go of His Bike as Water Swirls Around Him in Brazil

This is the horrific moment a cyclist is swept to his death in flash floods in Brazil as witnesses form a human chain in a desperate bid to save him.

Marcelo da Silva, 43, was trapped with his bike in swirling waters as a torrential downpour hit São Bernado do Campo, a suburb of São Paulo, on Friday afternoon.

Footage shows him clinging to his bike even as horrified onlookers scream at him to let it go.

Man Bikes On Flood

He tries to stand but the force of the water knocks him over and drags him under before strong currents rushing down the main street pull him further away.

The heavy flows sent him hurtling towards another utility pole which he desperately tries to hold on to before the force of the waters sucks him under and he disappears from view.

Biker Swept By Floods

A group risked their lives by forming a human chain to try to save the drowning man as he hurtled close to a wall but they could not hold him back.

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