Angry McDonald’s worker floors customer after brawl breaks out behind the counter

This shocking footage shows the moment a McDonald’s employee floors a customer after a scrap inside the restaurant. The incident is believed to have taken place in the McDonald’s restaurant in Newbury Park, Ilford, east London, over the weekend and has been widely shared on social media.



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At the end of the disturbing clip the male customer appears to lie unconscious on the floor as his friends scream in shock. The clip which was filmed by an unknown bystander on a mobile phone begins with the male customer behind the counter of the fast food restaurant. The customer’s female friends shriek in terror as he wrestles with the McDonald’s male employee. The McDonald’s worker then seems to hit the male patron across the face and pushes him away from the counter.



The pair then end up on the restaurant floor together. Suddenly, the McDonald’s employee violently pushes the customer so that he crashes and falls on the restaurant floor. As the male patron appears to lie unconscious on the floor, his friends scream and a woman in a striped jacket yells ‘What are you doing?’



His female friends rush to his side and the McDonald’s workers and customers argue amongst each other. Someone can then be heard shouting ‘Get him to hospital! Call the Police. Please call the police’. The video then abruptly ends when a Mcdonald’s employee spots the unknown bystander filming the commotion on his mobile phone. The clip has racked up almost 134,000 views in one day and has divided social media users.



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