Painful moment student slide-tackles kissing couple and brings them crashing to the floor

This is the painful moment a prankster slide-tackles a couple as they kiss outside a students’ union knocking the pair to the floor.





The video, filmed in Swansea, Wales, captures the man as he runs up behind the kissing couple after a night out. He takes quick steps to gain speed behind the distracted pair before leaning on his heels and sliding into their feet.



The couple immediately plummet to the ground on top of him as his friends laugh from behind the camera. Students walking along the corridor turn to watch the human pile-up for a moment before continuing along the path.



The video, taken in Swansea University’s Students’ Union, was filmed by a friend of the three involved. It was shared on Snapchat before being posted to Twitter on Saturday, where it currently has more than 5.6million views.



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