Snake feeding goes horribly wrong as pet boa bites into owner’s hand

This is the shocking moment a seven-foot albino boa constrictor digs its teeth into her owner’s hand when feeding time goes horribly wrong. In the video, which was filmed in Bournemouth, Snow the snake’s owner can be seen dangling a rabbit in front of the boa’s face.





However, instead of going for the rabbit, Snow strikes her owner’s hand, sinks her teeth into it and doesn’t let go for almost a minute. Snow quickly strikes at her owner, making him swear as she digs her teeth into his hand. Despite the snake’s teeth being deep in his flesh the man can be seen smiling and using his other hand to hold Snow.The person recording the video says ‘she isn’t going to let go now’ as the man does a thumbs up for the camera.



After a few seconds the man says ‘I’m going to have to play dead now aren’t I.’ He wriggles his fingers and blood can be seen coming from the bite marks, all the while the snake is still attached to his hand. Just as the woman recording asks if he needs her help to try and remove Snow, the snake’s grip loosens and the man is free.



Despite his injury, the man then dangles the rabbit again to get Snow back into her cage and this time she goes for the rabbit. The person filming asks the man ‘did you get any teeth in there?’ before he walks off.



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