Bully Gets Instant Karma After Harassing Woman

An aggressive bully caught repeatedly shoving a woman in the street soon got a taste of his own medicine.


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Video shows the fight broke out after the man – wearing an oversized coat and cap – argues with the woman he is standing with. He is visibly angry, and begins to shove her backwards, at one point causing her to drop something on the floor.


The woman holds her hands up, trying to reason with the man but he continues to shove her back


The man doesn’t allow her to bend down and pick it up, continuing to push her around and jabbing her with his elbow. She then stands in a corner holding her arms up protectively before the door to the building the pair are stood outside opens.

Another man steps outside, apparently having witnessed the growing aggression. He is immediately confronted by the bully who grabs him by the neck – but the man fights back.


A second man comes out to help and ends up knocking the bully out


In just three short sharp punches, the bully is knocked out and falls to the ground before the CCTV cuts.

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