Shocking Moment Pervert Groped British Playboy Model as She Bent Down in a Hotel Laundry Room While on Holiday in California

A British Playboy model has spoken out after CCTV appears to capture a pervert groping her in a hotel laundry.

Hayley Bray, 28, was bending down to take her clothes out of a drier when a man came up behind her and seemingly grabbed her bottom.

Security footage shows the TV star reacting in horror before hitting his hand away.

British Playboy Laundry

The tattooed man then calmly walks out of the laundry room but Hayley rushes out to confront him before he flees.

Man Gropes Lady

The shocking incident happened as Bournemouth-born Hayley was on holiday in California with her partner and their three-year-old daughter on November 18.

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