Shopper tries on shoes before sprinting out of the store

A sneaky customer gave staff at one sports store the run-around when he appeared to be sprinting off with a stolen pair of shoes on his feet. Video recorded at a JD Sports store in Sydney shows a man trying on a brand new pair of Puma shoes before making a dash out of the entrance.



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But much to the relief of one panicked employee the whole thing was a prank, and after a short run the man turns around and comes back. The footage, which was filmed in the Bankstown neighborhood, was uploaded to the Facebook page Humans of Bankstown where it has since gone viral. Many praised the store assistant for trying to run after the would-be thief, even though he doesn’t seem to be anywhere near catching him in the footage.

Shopper tries on shoes


That perhaps explains his relieved reaction when the prankster returns to the shop. The employee can be seen pressing his hand to his heart while laughing at the stunt, even as shocked security guards and shoppers watch on. Relief floods over the staff member’s face as he realised the customer was simply taking the shoes for a test run.

Shopper tries on shoes before sprinting out of the store


Social media users were extremely impressed with the employees dedication to his job. ‘I would have just watched him leave and do nothing about it,’ one person said. ‘Security guard didn’t do sh** haha,’ another person said. Within two hours of being posted the video had been viewed more than 20,000 times.



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