Amazon delivery driver steals parcels dropped off by a colleague

This is the shocking moment an Amazon delivery driver rooted through a customer’s bins to steal three parcels that a colleague had dropped off the day before. The brazen theft was captured on CCTV installed by Chris Clark, 40, at his home in Kilsyth, Scotland.





The delivery driver drops off an order of cables before making his way to the back of the house and taking the three parcels in the bins Mr Clark’s safe place for deliveries. The parcels were delivered on Wednesday, November 21 before being taken the next day. The man arrives at the property while driving a van for third party delivery firm JMHC. He was delivering a small box of cables and the footage shows him walking to Mr Clark’s front door with the delivery box in hand.

Amazon delivery driver steals parcels


Nobody answers the door, prompting the delivery driver to go to the back and discover the bins filled with parcels. He returns to the front door, posting the cables into a mail box. The driver then walks back to the bins, walking around for a moment before seemingly deciding to leave. However, just before he reaches his car, the delivery driver has a shocking change of heart and decides to steal the parcels from the bin.

Amazon delivery driver steals parcels dropped off by a colleague


He has to make two trips to get all of the parcels, which contained a casserole dish, bowls and some batteries. Art technician Mr Clark contacted Amazon after he couldn’t find the three parcels. They replied with who photographic evidence showing that the parcels had been delivered. Mr Clark then decided to review his CCTV and found the shocking footage of the driver taking the parcels.



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