That haircut is HOT! Indian barber cuts customer’s hair by setting it on fire

This is the startling moment an Indian barber uses fire and two combs to give his customer a haircut with a difference. The footage shows the barber skilfully setting his client’s hair alight. He uses two combs to give his hair a trim.



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The man keeps his eyes closed and does not show any sign of fear. He looks relaxed and smiles while his hair gets cut. The fire burns down a portion of the man’s hair and it is then brushed away by the combing. The man’s head has been left unharmed. Only a portion of the customer’s hair got burnt without injuring his scalp. The video was shot at a local salon in Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Indian barber cuts customer's hair by setting it on fire


Fire cutting is an unusual technique using fire to cut a customer’s hair. The customer’s hair gets covered in a flammable powder, which is then set on fire with a small lighter. The barber combs the flames with one hand and trims the hair with the other.

Indian barber cuts customer's hair


Once the flames burn out, the barber continues with the haircut. The hairdresser then combs through the customer’s hair and shakes some more powder on their head, which sets the customer’s hair on fire again. Some barbers use candles for styling their customers’ hair, especially to remove split ends.



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