Passengers Terrified After Part of Engine Cover Flies Off Plane During Flight

A Frontier Airlines plane bound for Tampa was forced to return to Las Vegas after an engine malfunction, according to the airline.

On Friday morning, a section of the engine cover, called a cowling, came loose and separated from the aircraft, Frontier Airlines said.

“Our pilots followed procedure and immediately returned to the airport. The engine continued to operate normally and the aircraft, an Airbus 320, landed safely,” Frontier said in a statement. “Safety is our top priority at Frontier Airlines and we would like to acknowledge the professionalism of our pilots and flight attendants. We are working to get our passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible.”

Plane Engine Breaks Down

Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport told ABC News that the plane had landed safely at 7:26 a.m. PT and reached the gate on its own.

The airport said no one was injured aboard the plane, which was carrying 166 passengers and crew. The airfield staff reported debris on or near the runway.

Engine Failure During FLight

The Federal Aviation Administration said it had sent an inspector to the airport to look at the aircraft.

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