Bizarre Moment a Cat Is Spotted Doing Sit-ups Underneath a Car

This is the bizarre moment a cat was spotted doing sit-ups underneath a car. The fluffy white feline was filmed exercising in China and can be seen laying on the floor with its back legs on the grey vehicle.

When two men walk towards the cat it calls off its public work out and quickly spins back to standing on all four paws.

The cat does several sit-ups and even takes a couple of seconds rest before doing some more.

A couple of meows can be heard on the short clip as the animal pulls itself up towards the car.

Cat Doing Situps

It doesn’t realize that it is being recorded and keeps on going until it is spooked by the two passersby.

Once the feline notices it is not alone in the parking lot, it peers to the left and leans back slightly, taking on a defensive pose.

However, the men appear unfazed by the bizarre scene and continue walking across the lot.

Cat Acts Normal

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