Keyless Car Crooks Are Caught on Cctv Stealing Disabled Man’s £80,000 Tesla in 120 Seconds

A disabled man handed police CCTV of thieves stealing his £80,000 Tesla only to be told there was ‘not enough evidence’ to help find the culprits. Keyless car crooks took just 120 seconds to steal Cristian Brownlee’s Model S using gadgets which can be bought online for just £80.

But despite obtaining crisp CCTV of the masked thieves taking the car and a perfect footprint from mud in his garden, it took ten days for police to even visit.

CCTV shows two people near Mr. Brownlee’s home in Bexley, London, stealing his car using the ‘relay’ technique, at around 5 am on November 16.

HIgh Tech Thieves

One waved a relay amplifier near the house to pick up the signal from the key fob which was put near the front door.

If the car key fob is close enough to the amplifier, then it picks up a signal and tricks the car into thinking the car key fob is next to the vehicle, and the doors unlock.

In just 120 seconds, they managed to unlock the car and one man drove off in it.

Gone In 60 Seconds

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