Love is blind! Moment wife crashes into husband’s car on their own driveway

This is the amusing moment a husband and wife managed to get into a car accident before they had even left their front driveway. In the CCTV footage the husband is seen reversing his truck out of the couple’s home in Des Moines, Iowa, when he comes to a halt and waits for traffic to pass.





Blissfully unaware of her husband’s stationary car, his wife is then spotted reversing her car out of the drive. Without checking her rear view mirror, and assuming her husband has already left, she continues to move backwards before knocking into her husband’s car. After hitting the stationary car the husband is seen emerging from the vehicle waving his hands in frustration at his wife’s absurd error.

Moment wife crashes into husband's car


Following the incident the husband said: ‘My wife and I were leaving for work, I was waiting for traffic, and she wasn’t.’ The funny incident outside the couple’s Iowa home was captured on CCTV camera on November 27. In September during another failed attempt at reversing, footage, believed to have been filmed in Newark, New Jersey, showed another woman taking seven minutes to reverse out of a parking spot.

Moment wife crashes into husband's car on their own driveway


In the strange video the woman was seen repeatedly knocking into the car next to her with her black Ford Focus as she attempted to drive away.



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