Man Feeds Bird Which Visits Him Every Day for Lunch in London

Parking at your local supermarket is hardly the most thrilling experience.

But for one shopper, it’s become something of a fun ritual – because every time Bruce Croxford parks his van, the same bird flies over to his wing mirror and won’t leave until it has been fed a ready-salted crisp.

Footage shows the heating engineer pulling up in his vehicle outside Tesco Extra, in Sutton, south London.

Hungry Bird

The veritable Dr Dolittle, 39, then rolls down his window while he takes lunch and, right on cue, the starling arrives

‘He waits patiently on the wing mirror to be hand-fed ready-salted crisps,’ said Mr Croxford, who has had daily visits for the past two weeks from the starling which he simply calls ‘Birdie’.

Bird Visits For Lunch


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