Hilarious Moment Tractor Driver Tips Bucket of Animal Poo Over Hunt Saboteurs

This is the shocking moment a group of hunt saboteurs was chased by a tractor driver who tipped manure over their van.

During the video footage, members of the Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs, a group taking action against blood sports in Lincolnshire, are filmed being pursued by a tractor with a bucket full of manure in Hixon, Staffordshire.

The protesters were attacked as they monitored the activities of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt.

Tractor Driver Drops Manure

The hunt, which sees hounds being released into the English countryside, starts in September and takes place two days a week on Tuesday and Saturday.

In the video the tractor tips the bucket sending manure cascading onto the roof and through the open window of the van.

One of the saboteurs can be heard saying: ‘They are pouring sh*t on us – I’m covered in poo, wonderful!’

Manure Attack

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