Horrifying Moment Alligator-loving Stuntman Falls Into a Pool Full of the Hungry Reptiles

This is the moment a man falls into a murky pool filled with dozens of alligators after his rope swing snaps. Michael ‘the Gator Crusader’ Womer can be seen climbing down a wooden step ladder while feeding the deadly reptiles in the video that captured the close call.

The hungry alligators can be seen swarming in the water waiting to be fed.

Womer then grabs a rope swing above the enclosure and tries to swing across the water – but the rope snaps under his weight.

Guy Descends On Alligators

He said: “I love my alligators more than most people love their own children.

“I put on adventurous, educational demonstrations for guests around the world sharing my love for gators and crocodile Conservation.

Man Falls Into Alligators

It is unclear if Womer sustained any type of injury during the accident, but he made it out of the pool alive.

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