Flight Attendant Has Plane in Hysterics as He Does a Sexy Stripper-style Dance as Part of the Flight Safety Demo

A FLIGHT attendant has given a funny flight safety demo – giving his best impression of a pole dancer. The member of cabin crew is seen with a life vest over his neck as he grinds up against the wall.

The flight attendant then puts the life jacket’s mouthpiece into his mouth suggestively as passengers laugh at his antics.

His audience then laughs some more as he struts his stuff down the plane’s aisle.

Pole Dancing Steward

Passenger Bethany Joy Brenes, 20, described the racy routine as an ‘unforgettable moment’ and believes it was the first time passengers paid attention to the emergency briefing.

This isn’t the first time that the flight safety demo has been used to amuse the passengers on board.

Best Flight Ever

A British stag dressed as a flight attendant was allowed to help with the announcement earlier this year – and passengers loved his run-through of the plane rules.

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