Man in video vanishes moments before a truck explodes

Harrowing footage of the moment a truck explodes in a fireball has been released, but shocked viewers have noticed a man in the background vanishes moments before the truck ignites.





The video was released following an investigation by the Coroner’s Court of Victoria into the incident that caused the death of 24-year-old Anthony Carnevale in 2015. Viewers have noticed a man walking on the pavement appears to vanish from the exact spot where the truck explodes merely moments later. There may, however, be a more logical explanation than a time travelling pedestrian. Some eagled-eyed viewers noticed the person vanishes at a point where there are no other moving objects in frame suggesting the editor of the video added a cut at that point. Mr Carnevale was transporting his barbecue and gas bottles to his new house when the truck went up in flames.



The driver, who didn’t know the bottles were partially open, was said to be thrilled about moving into a new space. The confronting footage shows the truck travelling through the intersection before suddenly exploding sending debris flying across the busy road. Nearby cars were damaged and debris struck powerlines, setting off another smaller explosion and shattering nearby apartment windows.



Victorian coroner Paresa Spanos said it was remarkable more lives weren’t lost. A pedestrian only narrowly missed the fiery blaze. Footage shows him walking down the footpath and off screen only seconds before the Avis rental truck appears. Shocked motorists who were stopped at the set of lights were seen cautiously making their way toward the wreckage.



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