Terrifying Moment Suspected Stalker Peers Through a Bedroom Window to Stare at a 13-year-old Girl Sitting Alone Inside

A suspected stalker caught staring through the window of a house to watch a 13-year-old girl late on Friday night is being sought after by police.

The girl noticed the man looking through the window of her Collaroy Plateau home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches about 10.45pm on Friday.

He was also captured on the home’s CCTV camera walking back and forth around the Plateau Road property.

Creep Sneaks Through

In the chilling footage, the man walks along the side of the house before peering inside a ground-floor window and walking off. He is also seen walking back a few minutes later, hunched down below the window to avoid being seen.

The girl alerted her parents who searched the home’s backyard but were unable to find the man.

Man Peers Into Window

Police also canvassed the area, without success.

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