Adorable Moment Little Girl Refuses Sweets and Chocolate but Gleefully Digs Into a Bowl of Broccoli

This is the moment a little girl refuses to eat sweets and chocolate offered to her but happily munches on a bowl of broccoli.

In the video, filmed by her parents in Hungary, the young girl is offered an enormous jar of Nutella, a bar of chocolate and a box of sweets. But the toddler immediately pushes them all away in disgust and says ‘no’ as she looks around as if expecting something else.

She continues to push away a box of celebration chocolates and a Kinder Beuno as they are put down in front of her and makes a noise of disgust each time.

Child Hates Chocolate

Finally, a bowl of broccoli is placed in front of the child and she happily digs into the vegetable.

She looks pleased as she immediately pops a piece in her mouth and continues to quickly munch contentedly.

Kid Loes Broccoli

Her parents can be heard laughing as she gleefully stuffs the broccoli into her mouth.

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