Builder Accidentally Tasers Himself Trying to Light His Cigarette With a Stun Gun

A builder has been caught on camera electrocuting himself after trying to light his cigarette with a taser.

Aaron Dunbar, 23, was pre-drinking with his brother last month in Colgram, Victoria, Australia, when he decided to use the deadly device instead of a lighter.

Toe-curling footage shows Aaron casually firing the taser – traditionally used by police – before instantly collapsing flat on his back with his drink still in his grasp.

Builder Takes Cig

Aaron, who bought the taser from a friend that same day for $50 AUD, claimed he has no regrets about the stunt, which has gone viral on social media with hundreds of thousands of views.’

Man Tases HImself

Tasers are designed to incapacitate an attacker from a distance by sending 50,000-volt jolts of electricity into their body, hurling their muscles into severe spasms.

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