Hungry Coyote Takes Down Deer And Gets Caught On CCTV Camera

Incredible footage shows the moment a coyote captured and killed a wild deer on a shocked homeowners driveway!

When Alabama resident Todd Strong spotted a flock of buzzards bustling in his front yard earlier this month, he hardly could have guessed that a dead deer was the cause of the commotion. Assuming that the animal had fallen victim to a speeding motorist, Strong dragged the carcass to the street and arranged for it to be collected. It was only when he reviewed surveillance footage recorded the previous night that the truly startling nature of the incident was revealed.

Cayote Hunting

Speaking about the incident, Todd said: “I thought it had been hit by a car, I had to watch the CCTV video from the early hours to see what actually happened.

“It went on for about twenty minutes, but the most violent attack only took place in a few minutes”

Coyotes are highly adaptable and resourceful predators, and these traits have helped the canines colonise much of Canada and the entire North American landscape. While they can be active at any time of the day, coyotes typically hunt under the cover of darkness and may form family packs (particularly in northern regions) to aid in securing a meal.

Cayote Takes Down Deer

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