Horrified Shopper Finds Live Moth Flying Around In Salad Bag

A horrified shopper got the shock of her life after discovering a LIVE MOTH flying around inside her SEALED bag of ‘washed and ready to eat’ supermarket spinach.

Courtney Holmes made the ‘disgusting’ discovery after purchasing a bag of ‘washed and ready to eat’ spinach from her local Coles Kilkenny supermarket in Adelaide, South Australia on Monday [DECEMBER 3].

Salad Surprise

The 24-year-old real estate worker said she was preparing dinner when she first noticed the moth – which she initially thought was perched outside of the bag.

But on closer inspection, Courtney was shocked to discover that the live moth was actually trapped inside the sealed bag after it began ‘frantically’ flying around amongst the spinach leaves.

Month In Salad

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