High Five! Friendly Cat Raises His Paw to Greet Gym Users as They Run Past

This heartwarming video shows a cat giving out high fives to delighted gym-goers as they walk past. The clip was filmed in Hohhot City in Inner Mongolia, northern China on November 27.

The cat could be seen sitting patiently and raising its paw to greet people at the CrossFit gym. The owner shared the video online and says that it is an adopted stray.

The feline loves interacting with people at the gym and even follows people heading there. In the adorable clip, the cat waits and waves at gym-goers as they file past.

High Five Cat

They can be seen smiling in delight as they reach out to greet the adorable cat.

However, some aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with the feline’s touch and it can be seen ignoring some of the gym enthusiasts.

No HIgh Five

In the main though, the cat seems to enjoy exchanging high fives with several humans.

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