Man Walks Into A Canal While Staring At His Mobile Phone

No doubt at some point you will have been told by your parents or grandparents, or someone who probably remembers a time when Jimmy Tarbuck was a household name, that the youth of today spend too much time staring at their phones and not enough outside.


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It’s probably not wise to stare at a backlit screen all the time though, and one man definitely should have taken heed of this advice after he was filmed falling into a canal because he was distracted by his phone.


Man Walks Into A Canal While Staring At His Mobile Phone


CCTV shows the unsuspecting man casually strolling along the towpath without a care in the world, before turning towards the canal – however, because it’s covered by leaves, he mistakes it for part of the path and tumbles straight into the cold water.

Fortunately two passers-by come running to the rescue and pull the drenched man out of the water.


The unlucky pedestrian had to be pulled out by two passers by


Annmarie Gardener, landlady at the The Navigation Inn in Nottingham, captured the moment on her CCTV and wants to warn people of the dangers of not paying attention around waterways.

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