Truck Overturns After Its Brakes Fail on a Wet Mountain Pass – Sending the Cargo of Fruit Spilling Across the Road

This is the moment a truck spectacularly loses control on a mountain road and spills its cargo all over the lane. Footage recorded on a dashcam in the vehicle behind shows the truck, which is loaded with crates, drive down the hard shoulder and hit the muddy bank.

The truck then tilts to the left and smashes to the ground spilling hundreds of pieces of fruit on the Pacheco Pass, near San Jose, in California.

As the truck falls to the ground it hits another heavy goods vehicle that is queuing in traffic and pushes it towards a row of cars in the other lane.

Rainy Roads

Luckily no other vehicles are hit and although the out of control truck continues to slide down the wet road its front cab does not tip over. The driver who is recording the incident can be heard exclaiming in shock before he slowly overtakes the other lorry.

When he passes dozens of crates are seen laying on the floor but the truck is still standing the right way up and a man in a high-vis jacket is walking around.

Driver Losses Control

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