Heart-stopping Moment Drunken Men Nearly Get Hit by a Train!

A jaw-dropping video has shown how drunken commuters have come within seconds of being killed after tripping, stumbling and falling onto train tracks. Network Rail has revealed CCTV of merry males who have been narrowly missed by high-speed passenger trains in time for Christmas.

This month, people will head out for parties and travel home on trains after drinking heavily. Network Rail has warned the public to make sure their friends get home safe.

The clip opens with an intoxicated man stumbling around a station platform and walking as though on a tightrope on the edge, before tripping onto the tracks. Luckily, a nearby woman alerts police officers who rush in to help.

Drunk Person Stumbles Onto Tracks

Another man is seen walking along the tracks before clambering onto the side. His slow and clumsy efforts see him eventually pull himself up but his limbs flop over the side.

He finally drags his arm to his body and within a second a high-speed train whooshes past him.

Man Nearly Gets Hit By Train

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