Energetic Husky Puppy Uses the Slippery Floor Like a Treadmill After Owners Tie It to a Door Knob

This is the hilarious moment an energetic husky puppy runs on the spot on a slippery floor after it was tied to a doorknob.

The husky was excitable in its home in central China when the owner came up with a solution to tie the dog by the leash to the doorknob.

Little did they know, the dog would continue to run but this time on the spot.

Energetic Puppy

The video was filmed in Zhengzhou City in central China’s Henan Province on December 2.

It shows the industrious pooch using the polished wooden floor to run on the spot like it was on a treadmill.

Puppy Treadmill

Huskies are notoriously hard to train and have extreme energy levels – especially when not given enough exercise. Lucky for this pup, he found a workaround.

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