Biker Has a Narrow Escape When He Crashes Into the Back of One Car and Then Somersaults Into the Path of Another Driver Who Narrowly Avoid Him

This biker had a narrow escape after he crashed into the back of a car on the motorway and then narrowly avoided being run over by another vehicle.

Dashcam footage shows the biker riding in AMJ Rembia, Melaka, Malaysia when he suddenly strikes the back of a car in front. The rider is sent flying into the air before crashing to ground with a thud and is almost hit by a different car driving in the next lane.

Biker Crashes

The man almost goes under the car, which manages to not run him over. The car slows down before speeding away again as the man hops to safety.

The man then returns to his bike and eventually rides away.

Driver Misses Biker By Inches

The dashcam footage was later released by the traffic department to warn other drivers about the consequences of speeding.

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