The twerking terrier! Yorkie mimics its owner’s friend and TWERKS to loud music

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Hilarious footage posted online shows the Yorkshire Terrier twerking with his owner’s friend as loud music plays in the background.





The adorable animal appears to be copying Cicely, who was at a friend’s birthday party in Atlanta, America. She said the video was filmed at around 2.15am during their sleepover. Cicely is seen on all fours wearing pink pyjamas as she twerks to the music.

Yorkie mimics its owner's friend and TWERKS to loud music


Onlookers can be heard singing ‘aye’ as Cicely and the little Yorkshire Terrier dance their troubles away. In the video the dog can be seen thrusting its hips back and forth, imitating Cicely perfectly.

Yorkie mimics its owner's friend


Cicely is seen looking at the Yorkshire terrier, who continues to glance up for guideance on the dance moves. She said: ‘We were at my friend’s birthday party sleepover. We were dancing, and I started to teach the dog to twerk.’



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