Dog and tiger try to grab hold of each other through glass at zoo

This is the hilarious moment a dog and a tiger stalk each other through a viewing window at a zoo in China. The two would-be predators pace along either side of the glass pane trying to work out how to get to each other.





The animals prompt onlookers to burst out laughing as they seem to mirror one another. The husky’s owner laughs along with them as the dog dashes around while she holds it by an extendable lead. She was visiting the zoo with her dog when it suddenly pounced towards the tiger and started barking at it.



The tiger saw the canine as a potential prey and ran to attack it. The two beasts follow each other’s movements as they run up and down the glass enclosure.



The video was shared on social media where it garnered hundreds of comments and was viewed more than a million times.



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