Men bizarrely fight before falling down and rolling on street

A rotund man has been sarcastically compared with professional boxers after bizarre footage showed him squaring up to another man in the street and scrapping. The clip shows the unidentified man throw a sucker punch which misses and then go through a routine of ‘boxing’ moves. But instead of a heavyweight fist fight, the two men ending up rolling around on the road in the Bon y Maen area of Swansea.





The clip begins with a man in a red jumper appearing to push away the other man, who is wearing a blue t-shirt and swinging his arms. Suddenly, the man in the blue t-shirt takes a swing at his rival, but completely misses him and briefly stumbles out of shot. He then squares up to his opponent swinging from side to side in a fashion similar to that of Muhammad Ali. Loud laughing can be heard throughout the video as the man in the t-shirt then runs at the man in red before putting both his arms behind his back.



He then appears to place one of his hands on his cheek, as if he is asking for a punch. The man in the jumper then put his fists up and manages to throw his heavier opponent to the ground and kicks at his face. He also appears to give him a couple of kicks as those in the background can be heard saying: ‘Go on f*** kick him.’ Suddenly, the man in the t-shirt fights back by grabbing the other man’s legs and he consequently comes crashing to the ground.



Bizarrely, a horse can then be heard neighing out of camera shot. The man in the t-shirt then climbs on top of the other fighter with his stomach clearly on show and the pair try to grab at each others faces before someone shouts to ‘break it up.’



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