Everybody was Kung Moo fighting! Woman is knocked off her motorbike when a COW smashes her with a flying spin kick

This is the moment a cow showed its kung fu skills to smash a woman off her motorbike with a spectacular flying spin kick. Footage shows a herd of cattle crossing the country road in the Capiata area of Paraguay as the motorcyclist heads towards them.





As she tries to manoeuvre around the column the cow at its head goes straight for her. It shows surprising athleticism and springs its bulky frame into the air, knocking the woman off with a flying spin kick.



As the cow draws level with the motorcycle, it somehow leaps into the air, twists its bulky frame and kung fu kicks the biker from behind with its hind legs. The female motorcyclist is sent crashing onto the grass verge while the kung fu cow runs off into a field.



A male biker stops to check on the injured woman who lies on the ground without a helmet on. According to local reports, the woman did not have to receive treatment in a hospital while no one reported the incident to the local authorities.



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