Package Thief Struggles Immensely After Trying To Steal TV Then Realises It Won’t Fit In Car

This guy had definitely gone all in when he parked on the driveway of a house in George’s County, Maryland, where a delivery firm had left a huge TV on someone’s doorstep.



We don’t know what’s worse here – the little guy trying to nick the 65-inch bad boy or the delivery guys for leaving it in plain sight of, well, everyone. The best bit has to be the fact that the entire thing had been caught on CCTV, allowing us to reel in his failed attempts at being a proper robber.




The thief grabbed what is believed to be a Sharp Aquos 4K Ultra HD TV. As he tries to carry the huge box to his getaway vehicle he stumbles, dropping the TV and falling over it himself on to the front garden of the house.

In a quick attempt to chuck it in the back of the car he realises that the boot will be a much easier option – but then it dawns on him that it won’t fit in there either.




Reconsidering his method (again) he shoves the TV in the backseat of the car with it sticking out halfway. With the boot and the back door still open, this smart arse jumped into the car and sped off probably feeling really smug about his accomplishment.

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