Arsonists Ask Taxi Driver To Stop For Beer Then Set Fire To His Car

Two men have been jailed after setting fire to a taxi driver’s car – they had asked him to pull over so they could buy beer but instead pumped petrol onto the backseats of the vehicle.



Warren Hearne, 36, and accomplice Danny Frost, 27, were picked up from Romney Marsh in Kent on December 15 2017 following a night out. According to the Metro, the pair threatened the driver, Abdulawar Malikzadev, with an iron bar and Hearne even tried to open his passenger door as the car was moving.




At around 11pm, the men then asked Mr Malikzadev to pull up at a BP garage in Hythe, Kent, declaring their intention to buy beer. Instead, Hearne opened the back door of the taxi and poured petrol onto the backseats. Moments later they were set on fire before Hearne and Frost ran away.




The taxi went up in flames as the driver grabbed his belongings and fled to safety. A call was made to the fire service and the road was closed while the fire was put out.

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