Clueless Woman Trying to Fill Tesla S With Fuel

Over the weekend, a video of a confused woman at a gas station trying to refuel her electric Tesla Model S reached near-viral popularity.



Filmed by a cackling onlooker parked behind, the video shows the Tesla’s blonde driver walking in circles around the car, throwing her hands up in confusion at the vehicle’s lack of a gas cap.




She clambers into the car, presumably looking for the release lever, and finds the charge port cover release. Satisfied with her find, she activates the pump, and attempts to insert the nozzle into the charge port, but is stopped from potentially causing a huge fire by another bout of confusion, this time regarding why the nozzle isn’t going into what she assumes to be the car’s filler neck.

She then holsters the pump and peers into the charge port to figure out why the nozzle wouldn’t insert. Eventually, she admits defeat by pulling out her smartphone, possibly to look up the location of the elusive opening.




A helpful bystander then walks up and presumably explains to her what powers the Tesla.

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