Dude’s Package Thief Glitter Bomb Goes Off Without a Hitch

So much work went into this brilliant “gotcha.” (The glitter starts flying around 5:30, if that’s what you’re into.)



After having a package stolen from his doorstep, YouTuber Mark Rober decided to come up with a clever theft deterrent.




He engineered a combination of cameras, a glitter bomb, and “fart spray” – all disguised as a package. This video shows Mark constructing this device and then unsuspecting package thieves opening it up. Mark’s design is foolproof – it includes a tracking system, hidden, rechargeable cameras, and a compact machine that launches glitter wherever the thieves open it up.




The implementation of the device is effective. The thieves inadvertently spray glitter all over their cars and themselves, smell the “fart spray” and throw the package out, allowing Mark to pick it up later for reuse.

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