Football Player’s Teammate Doesn’t Notice His Stuck Helmet

Today, something happened that most NFL Analysts had never seen: Jerry Hughes helmet got caught on Tremaine Edward’s back.



Well, there’s a first time for everything. In the second quarter of the Buffalo Bills’ game against the Lions, pass rusher Jerry Hughes had to separate himself from teammate Tremaine Edmunds– but not in the way you might think.




It turns out, Hughes’ helmet somehow ended up stuck to Edmunds’ pads. The helmet stayed lodged into the back of Edmunds after Hughes got his head out, and the scene is just outright hilarious and unheard of.

Edmunds barely even reacted to the fact that he had his teammates helmet stuck to his back, as fellow defensive player Micah Hyde had to come assist in its removal. Good teamwork, guys!




This is definitely something that I’ve never seen before, as the helmet really was definitively wedged in there.

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