An Unlikely Duo: Chihuahua and a Crow Frolic Together on the Beach

A Chihuahua and a black crow appear to form an unlikely friendship while chasing each other at the beach – but is the bird working out whether it can pick up the pup?

Dante the tiny dog can be seen looking at its owner while the large crow stands closely behind him on the sand.

The dog’s owner says ‘he’s going to get you. Go get him, go get him’ but Dante hesitates and sits down while it thinks about whether he can take the crow.

After a little more encouragement the dog bounds towards the crow making it fly briefly before it lands back on the beach, clearly not feeling too intimidated. The dog’s owner goads him to run again at the bird saying: ‘Go on Dante. Go get him.’

Dante runs once more, making the bird follow him, but on the return journey the crow appears to fly lower as if it is keeping a close eye on the dog.

Puppy And Crow

In a final attempt to show the bird who is boss, Dante quickly runs at the bird and jumps when he gets close.

The bird lifts into the air and flies a few meters down the beach, clearly having had enough of playtime with his unlikely friend.

Unlikely Friendship

It is not known where the video was filmed.

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