Frustrated Pug Honks a Work Truck’s Horn to Get His Awol Owners Attention After He Was Left Alone

This is the hilarious moment a pug at the wheel of a truck finds out how to use the horn.

A series of frantic honks can be heard coming from the blue work vehicle and as the giggling camera person approaches the van it soon becomes clear why.

The pug appears to be all alone in the truck, possibly trying to summon its owner with the attention-grabbing stunt.

Impatient Pug

‘When your owner is taking to long to get the treats,’ posted Tyler O’Malley on Twitter.

The video may even show the pug becoming impatient with the police.

Pug Honks Horn

The truck it’s in is pulled over and the open doors of a police van can be seen just in front of the slating company vehicle.

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