Moment Man and His Two Boozing Buddies Attempt to Cross Pond in Off-road Vehicle but Sinks Instead

A man and his two drinking buddies attempted to drive an off-road vehicle through a Florida pond and ended up going for an unexpected swim instead.

An unidentified woman filming the comical incident earlier this month in Hialeah, Florida is heard telling the three men: ‘Don’t do a fish!’ before they set off through the murky water.

The friends are seen boozing in the three-wheeled slingshot with a cooler packed in the back.

Off Road Fail

It seems the slingshot was too difficult to maneuver, and it began to slowly flip sideways.

One of the guys is seen tossing their beer can in the pond, as the cooler also floats off

Off Roader Flips

This is why people can’t have nice things.

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