Dashcam Video Shows Police Officer Preventing a Coyote Attack Going After Runner

An aggressive coyote attacked two female runners on a Texas street Monday – the latest in a string of incidents involving the animal.

Police in Frisco issued an updated warning after the joggers were saved by a passing motorist and taken to hospital for treatment.

There have now been five attacks coyote attacks on locals around the Frisco area, including on a nine-year-old child. They all occurred on the street, between 6am and 8:30am, and cops are telling residents to avoid running in the area ‘until the aggressive coyote is captured’.

Motorist Michael Harvey used his horn to save the two women joggers this morning after a child was attacked last month.

Cayote Attacks Jogger

Footage also shows the moment a Frisco police officer was able to scare of the animal – seen stalking a runner – using their car siren.

And in October a passerby managed to frighten a coyote attempting to jump on a jogger.

Officer Stops Cayote Attack

Police think a single coyote, which wildlife professionals say is acting abnormally, is responsible for all of the attacks.

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