Shocking clip shows laughing driver deliberately knocks a young cyclist off his bike and then drives off

A shocking video has surfaced online showing a car driver running over a cyclist as a sick joke for likes on Instagram. In the appalling clip, the driver can be heard laughing as he deliberately slams into the male cyclist with his Volkswagen car and forcing him off his push bike.





The video filmed in Ewell, Epsom in Surrey has been shared across Instagram this weekend. However several versions of the clip have been deleted by the social media platform following complaints by users. In the appalling clip, the male driver is seen purposely chasing after a unsuspecting cyclist who riding ahead on the road.



The driver then mockingly yells ‘Oi!’ as he deliberately collides with the cyclist and ploughs into him. The driver laughs as the cyclist immediately falls from his bike and crashes into the middle of the road.



The cyclist angrily shouts back at the driver ‘What are you f****** doing you p****?!’ but the assailant continues chuckling. The video cuts to an end as the driver rides off with the poor cyclist lying on the ground.



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