Terrible Christmas jumper! Drunk man hilariously tries to vault a railing in Caerphilly

This is the amusing moment a drunk reveller tries to leap over a metal railing after a booze-fuelled night out. Footage, filmed at Caerphilly train station, Wales, shows an intoxicated Ryan Carter in his Christmas jumper failing miserably to try and vault the railings.



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The merry party-goer was one of hundreds across the country enjoying a night out on the second to last Friday before Christmas. In the clip, Mr Carter stands on the train platform with his arms outstretched in a heroic manner as his friends jeer him on. He then runs up to the rail in an attempt to jump over but is unable to hurl his body over.



As his face hits the cold metal railing and he stumbles backwards, his comrades erupt into a fit of laughter, with one seen rolling on the floor in hysterics. Mr Carter takes a brief rest against the rail before pushing himself over the rail and toppling over. He then lays on the ground as his friends continue laughing at Mr Carter’s drunken antics.



The drunken scene was one of many seen across England last night as many Christmas revellers hit the town to celebrate a booze-fuelled night out. Some festive party-goers were spotted sprawled on street pavements while others had to be helped by paramedics due to a hefty night of alcohol.



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