Canadian falls from ladder whilst putting up Christmas lights

This is the shocking moment a man putting up his Christmas decorations narrowly avoided death after falling off his ladder. A camera installed near the doorbell showed the moment the ladder lost grip among the thick snow and gradually started to slip backwards.





The man, whose name is not known, can be seen panicking as he realises he is about to plummet to the concrete below. As he reaches out to try and grab the Christmas lights on his home in Alberta, Canada, the ladder loses grip and falls out from underneath him. He holds onto the ladder as he falls to the ground, narrowly avoiding snapping his leg under the impact of the fall. The man sheepishly gets back to his feet and appears not to be too hurt by the fall, which took place on December 9.



Following the fall, he said: ‘I was putting up Christmas lights and the first string of lights without issue as the ladder was placed on the snow. To put the second string of lights the ladder was moved to be set up on a cement sidewalk.



Everything was fine when I went up the ladder, but as soon as I reached for the string of lights the bottom of the ladder began to slide and you can see the result. ‘Fortunately we have a motion activated Ring doorbell camera that caught the full scene unfold.’



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