Hijabi Girl Attacked in High School Bathroom Over Vaping, Possible Hate Crime

Police say an assault on a hijab-wearing Chartiers Valley High School student wasn’t a hate crime, civil rights group says otherwise.

The nation’s largest Muslim and civil rights advocacy group is asking state and federal authorities to investigate a fight that broke out in a girls’ bathroom at Chartiers Valley High School as a hate crime. A minute-long video posted on a social media site showed a 14-year-old Syrian refugee wearing a hijab shielding herself against punches, being knocked to the floor and being repeatedly hit.

Hijab Girl Attacked

The girl was treated for a concussion and severe bruising and admitted overnight Friday to a local hospital, according to a classmate who told news outlets the attack continued after the video stopped. The Council on American-Islamic Relationsmhas asked state and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

Investigation Underway

CAIR-Pittsburgh is offering legal support to the student’s family.

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