Ouch! Gymnast attempts a spectacular backflip but lands on his neck with a huge thud

This is the shocking moment a gymnast’s incredible backflip ended painfully after he crashed to the mat and landed on his neck with a sickening thud. Nicolai Bosca, 18, from Italy, is a gymnastics coach but his spectacular attempted acrobatics went horribly wrong after he mistimed his flip though he assured fans that he wasn’t seriously hurt when posting the video to his Instagram page.





Mr Bosca, practicing in a gym in Sweden, curled up into a ball after the terrifying accident, clutching the top of his head in pain. He was filmed by a friend while another watched on as he took a running leap to perform the incredible manoeuvre. Mr Bosca can be seen spinning round in mid-air as he completes the move. But the acrobat misjudges the backflip and instead of landing on his feet he falls with a loud thud on his neck. He cowers in a ball as he massages the back of his neck following the painful flip.



Thankfully Mr Bosca was not seriously hurt in the backflip gone wrong. He posted the nail-biting clip on his Instagram with the caption: ‘I’m okay! It’s normal for me.’ The young gymnast has been training for five years in acrobatics and usually lands his flips without injury.



He said: ‘People weren’t too worried if I hurt myself too much because they joke that I’m made of iron, even if it can be painful sometimes!’ Mr Bosca also teaches parkour; a form of acrobatics involving running, jumping, and climbing outdoors.



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