Watch This Dog Jump In The Water And Save A Drowning Cat

If cartoons are anything to go by, cats and dogs are not exactly the best of friends.


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In fact, the history of cats and dogs often suggests they don’t make great bedfellows. Dogs seem to love their humans completely and unconditionally, happy to just be fed, watered and taken for a walk every now and again. While cats can come across as hard work, often cute and lovely, but often making you work for their affection. Then again, dogs can be hard work too, sometimes.




Every now and again, however, you come across a video that makes you reassess your preconceived notions of how animals behave.

A woman in Turkey caught a cat and dog flipping expectations when, with the cat seemingly stuck in a pond of some sort, an enthusiastic and helpful dog jumped in and rescued the little guy.




The dog leaps in, swiftly maneuvers itself under the cat, and basically lifts the soggy moggy to safety with the top of its head.

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