Man Repeatedly Slaps His Former Teacher on the Street for ‘bullying Him in School 20 Years Ago’

Video of a man repeatedly slapping one of his former school teachers in broad daylight has sparked controversy in China.

The 32-year-old attacker, identified by police as Chang, claimed he was bullied by the educator 20 years ago at a middle school in central China.

He said he became enraged after bumping into the teacher, 50, and decided to stop him on a street in the county of Luanchuan in Henan province. Chang has been detained by police.

Man Confronts Bully Teacher

In the video, Chang appears furious and slaps the teacher, who is on a scooter, multiple times in the face while asking him ‘do you remember me’ and ‘do you remember how you beat me in the past’.

At one point, the middle-aged teacher, identified by police as Zhang, apologizes to Chang.

Man Slaps Former Teacher

The video is said to be shot by one of Chang’s friends who was walking with him.

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